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Winter fishing report

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

You never know what Winter fishing conditions will bring. Doing research on tides and bar conditions is a good start. There's more to it...

When it comes to finding the perfect winter fishing destination, the Oregon Coast won’t leave anglers disappointed. The mild weather coupled with an abundance of fishing locations and fish make Oregon’s coastline a perfect place for winter fishing adventures.

What’s the Weather like on the Oregon Coast in Winter?

The average temperatures in the winter on the Oregon Coast are around: high 51° F and low 42° F. Other weather factors include high wind gusts up to 80 mph and the bulk of the annual rainfall of 75" coming down from October to May.

Basically, the wintertime weather on the Oregon Coast is rugged enough to filter out the fair weather visitors, yet mild enough to welcome anglers looking for some of the best fishing in the world without the crowds. What does this mean for you when planning a guided trip? For starters, wear layers and waterproof shoes. Be ready to sweat one minute and get soaked the next. If you happen to venture out on a gorgeous winter day, count your blessings. There's not much that compares to high rivers, clear water and loads of fish. #OregonFishingGuides #KeepingItReelGuideService

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